Galleon Theatre Group
Domain Theatre
Until 02 Nov 2019

Review by Fran Edwards

When you go to see a performance by Galleon Theatre Group, of a play written by Neil Simon and directed by Kym Clayton you are reasonably assured of an entertaining evening, and it was.

The play is set in New York in one of those high-rise apartments and the occupants; Mel and Edna Edison are subject to the everyday pressures and annoyances that plague most of us. Mel is losing his job; Edna is trying to cope with the effects and life is not what they may have hoped.

Andrew Clark puts in a strong performance as Mel. His accent is a little too strong at the beginning but this settles and his characterisation is spot on. As Edna, Sharon Malujlo has a difficult personality to convey but does it well. She is compliant and eager to please but reveals herself as the strong partner when she becomes the breadwinner. The interplay of these characters carries the comedy, and as in many of Simon’s plays allows him to demonstrate his understanding of the human condition.

The minor parts, Mel’s brother and sisters (Jewish mamas) are skilfully realised by Harry Dewar, Ashleigh Merriel, Anita Canala and Leanne Robinson. They show the affection and foibles that permeate most families.

On another excellent Galleon set with good lighting by Luke Budgen, which complemented the costuming by Trisha Graham. This was as I said an entertaining evening.