Therry Dramatic Society
The Arts Theatre
Until 10 Nov 2018

Review by Fran Edwards

This charming comedy by Richard Alfieri was safe in the experienced hands of director Pam O’Grady. With a strong cast and efficient team this was always going to be worth a look. It’s actually worth several looks; strong performances on a well-planned and well-lit set make another excellent Therry production.

As widow Lily Harrison, Bronwen James portrays a strength which hides vulnerability. She is uptight and caustic and develops the character beautifully through the scenes. Lindsay Prodea as Michael Minetti is bitter and rude, a former gay ‘chorus boy’ reduced to teaching dance to lonely older women, giving the character depth and a similar level of vulnerability. These two work well together and the rapport, which grows during the fractured lessons, has a truth to it.

The well-appointed set is true to its time frame and gives the players room and motivation to move. Richard Parkhill’s lighting enhances the design by Don Oswald and Pam O’Grady. Set changes, performed by Mrs Harrison’s home help (Maxine Grubel) got their own, well-deserved applause.

The opening night audience certainly seemed to appreciate the banter and jokes and verbal sparring of the characters. The laughter came easily and the empathy went with it. A Therry production you need to see, but pick a cooler night; the air conditioning leaves a lot to be desired.