Hills Youth Theatre
Stirling Community Theatre


Written By: Sonja Zodrow
Directed by Sonja Zodrow, assisted by Di Mason

Aladdin is a poor boy, from a poor family, with poor prospects. He lives in the City of all Cities, a bustling place of colour and activity. Although he has seen Princess Yasmin and believes she is very beautiful, he holds no hope of gaining her attention. Enter Abanzar, a magician from a foreign land, who has traveled afar to search for a special lamp in a certain cave in the east. Being too old and no longer nimble, he wins Aladdin’s trust and engages him to enter the cave and discover the lamp. For this duty, Aladdin is promised enough riches to be a viable marriage prospect for Princess Yasmin.

Once inside the cave, Aladdin is so enamoured with what he sees, he does not respond to Abanzar’s order to leave the cave with the lamp. After numerous attempts at demanding Aladdin’s exit, Abanzar curses the cave and storms off in a rage, leaving Aladdin trapped in the cave. Out of curiosity, Aladdin rubs the lamp to get a better view of the writing on it, and unwittingly releases a Genie. What follows is a tale of love, joy and courage.

Suitable for ages: All ages

Performance Dates:
Tuesday 14 January @ 7pm
Wednesday 15 January @ 2pm
Thursday 16 January @ 10am
Friday 17 January @ 7pm
Saturday 18 January @ 7pm
Sunday 19 January @ 2pm

Stirling Community Theatre, 9 Avenue Rd, Stirling SA 5152

Tickets available via

Adult $18, Child $15, Conc. $15, Family $60